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Storybird – update!

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Further to my previous post about the wonderful STORYBIRD site, I’ve got good news and bad news!

The bad news is that, as the site is still in its infancy, if your story is written in a language other than English it cannot be published (ie put in the public gallery) as it cannot be moderated. As the site grows, this will change.
The good news is that you can still write stories and save them on the site, and that these can be shared via the ‘Send to a friend’ link.
Saira Ghani has just written a story too and I’m about to write another.
Here’s the Tweet conversation I had with @storybird
So let’s keep making stories and hope that the site grows at an amazing rate!

3 thoughts on “Storybird – update!”

  1. Lisa Stevens says:

    In case you missed it on the original post, here's the comments from Mark at Storybird:Hi Lisa,We're evaluating a volunteer moderation approach to help kickstart other languages (our original plan wasn't to offer Spanish for at least a year). But given the massive response we've had from non-English countries and teachers, we're trying to move this up the feature chain.We're building out a database of possible volunteers for language moderation. If you (and anyone else) would like to consider participating, please email support [at] storybird [dot] com and we'll get in touch as we move this ahead. Thanks much for the kind words, the tweets, and the ideas. You (and your language-endowed posse) rock!m.Mark said… 18 October 2009 00:02

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