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El Mundo de Pocoyo

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I have declared my affection for Pocoyó previously on this blog and have subscribed to the Youtube channel dedicated to this lovely little chap. His latest clip is above and announces Mundo Pocoyó.

As the blurb says –

Un mundo virtual donde los niños pueden compartir experiencias y aventuras con sus personajes favoritos: jugar con Pato en el parque de atracciones, visitar la boutique de Elly o pintar y colorear con Pocoyó.
Actividades didácticas y amenas que ayudan a conocer el mundo, juegos que estimulan la habilidad, capítulos y melodías siempre disponibles para disfrutarlos online, miles de posibilidades al alcance de todos con un claro objetivo: aprender riendo.


Welcome to Pocoyo World!

A huge virtual world where kids, parents and carers can share adventures with their favourite characters: play with Pato in the theme park, visit Ellys shop or paint and colour with Pocoyo.

Educational activities, games, puzzles, episodes, music and dancing, all available in a totally secure environment, with one simple objective: learning through laughter.


Available in English or Spanish, the site seems to function much like Club Penguin, with you having your own character – a Pocoyó like personaje- and, by earning tickets by completing games, you can buy pets, furniture etc. It’s a social place as you can interact with other members.

Fun place to visit – and good for playing with another language.

2 thoughts on “El Mundo de Pocoyo”

  1. Tricia says:

    Oooooh! Thanks for finding this for us!

  2. Lisa Stevens says:

    No problems – it's wonderful isn't it?

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