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Spanish toe nail game!

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by SirSnapsalot on Flickr

One of the problems with submitting an article to a journal / paper is that you have no control over how they publish it. In my article in The TES I hyperlinked to the toe nail game to which I referred. Obviously this didn’t come out in print but I’d hoped (naively) that it might in the electronic form.

In my blog post yesterday it was hyperlinked, but to respond to queries, here it is!

Go to the SpanishSpanish site and click START.

Follow the instructions.

Listen and watch – a toenail will flash and the colour (word) will pop up in Spanish. You will also hear it.

When it says GO click that toenail.

Listen and watch again. The same toenail will flash and another will be added. When it says GO click them in sequence.And so on.


The idea is to get the longest chain. I wasn’t very good today!


The exercise is good because  you see and hear the word each time it is presented and each time you click the nail, and also because it’s good for your memory! Alex in Reception managed 25!!! Not bad for a 4 year old on his second Spanish lesson who remembered the words in Spanish, not just the sequence of colours. He’s now Y3 and is on my G&T Linguist list!

An enduring favourite game!


8 thoughts on “Spanish toe nail game!”

  1. Sue Potts says:

    A great resource with so much potential and transferablilty!

  2. lisibo says:

    Thanks for your comment! Lisa xx

  3. melanie says:

    oh my gosh we used to play this in Spanish class until the website stoped working and then we couldn’t play it so then I looked up on my computer Spanish toenail games and I found this game and I was like it has been a long time since I have played this

  4. Julian says:

    I played it’s game in Somerset Academy

  5. Denise Rottmann says:

    Can you post the link to the simon toenail game?

    1. lisibo says:

      I’m afraid that the game no longer exists on the site. It’s been replaced by the less fun paint splot challenge!

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