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I love my MacBook!

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Both my boys wanted to play on the computer this morning at the same time on different things – 9 year old is a fan of Fizzy.com and was playing Swords and Sandals 3 (about Roman gladiators apparently) whilst 6 year old was eager to visit Cbeebies and BABW. Eldest had grabbed the house PC and youngest looked at me with his big brown bush baby eyes…

So I did something I haven’t done for weeks – I got out my laptop! And I could not believe how SLOOOOOOOOOOW it was! I’m so used to the speed of my MacBook that the slowness of my laptop was even more marked than it used to be. After nearly eight minutes of waiting and clicking, it finally got working – only to immediately crash! Started it up again – and although it looked promising, it’s just crashed again. Consequently, boys are now exercising cooperation and playing on house PC together – and whatever they’re doing is obviously tickling them as I can hear belly laughs as I type!

So – my advice? Get a Mac!
And if you can’t, perhaps investigate these products –

There are lots more adverts on the Apple site – always worth a look if you need a giggle!

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