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You and Youtube – PLS09

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Here’s my presentation from my Saturday session at the Primary Languages Show in Liverpool entitled You and Youtube.

The idea of the session was to give people ideas about how Youtube can be used in Primary Language Learning (PLL). We looked at alternatives to Youtube, how to use video clips if a site is blocked by downloading via one of a number of tools and of course, ideas of suitable clips to use and how they might be used to meet bjectives in the KS2 Framework.

As the movies included in my Keynote presentation were embedded, I have had to go back through the presentation and hyperlink to source sites. So if the title is not hyperlinked, click on the picture or black squarea nd you’ll be taken to the original!

Here are a couple of clips I showed that weren’t in the presentation.

spanish food song from janet wisner on Vimeo.

Activity ideas for use with the clips included:

  • dressing up in clothes/ finding the flashcard as a race during Juguemos en el bosque
  • holding up words – bateau, ciseau, la rivière, l’eau, or jigsaw texts in Bateau Ciseau
  • listen out for a phoneme in Bateau ciseau (‘eau’) or Shnuffel (ich)
  • respond to a Slideshare using Voicethread
  • rewrite a song eg La Vaca Lola
  • discuss cultural events – Semana Santa, German first day of school
  • look at everyday life in other countries
  • sing a long
  • watching peers and using clips for assessment eg El Carnaval de los animales
  • motivation – eg Baby Mario Mysteries

If you have any comments / questions, please feel free to leave them below, or e-mail me!

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