February 2, 2009 – ¡Vámonos!

Day: February 2, 2009

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As I have now been tagged twice for this meme, by @ajep and @stuart422, and as I have an unexpectedly ‘free’ day, guess I’d better get on with it!

Seven things you may wish to know about me….

1. On my very first school photograph I am wearing a Muppets T-shirt and shorts, and look like a boy. My Mum assures me that’s what I wanted to wear – and I guess she’s probably right! I was an opinionated 5 year old!

2. I appeared on Dutch national TV in cycling shorts and a crop top – but did not fair as badly as my cycling mate whose bottom was filmed cycling away into the distance.

3. In the sixth form, I was nicknamed ‘Anneka’ due to my penchant for jumpsuits and dungarees and the speed at which I moved, and was regularly greeted in the corridors with shouts of “Stop the clock, she’s found the clue!”

4. I have an irrational phobia of cotton wool – even the word makes me shiver and my mouth go dry so I have to lick my teeth.

5. I once sang Lucky Stars on stage with Dean Friedman at Ronnie Scotts in Birmingham. I was volunteered by my ‘friends’ :os

6. I had the chickenpox aged 21 on my year abroad in Spain. Not a pleasant experience :o(

7. Although I’m not technically Spanish, I really should be!

So – who can I tag? I think…. Chris Fuller, Andrew Rhodes, Helena Butterfield, Lynne Horn, Joe Rowing, Sinclair Mackenzie and Dave Baynham!

Snow stops play!

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Today I was supposed to be in Leicester speaking about eTwinning and the potential of using Voki, Voicethread and Audacity in projects. However, the snow got in the way so I’m not there but at home. I sent my presentation and notes to Jenny from the British Council so those brave souls that made it could have a look at what I might have said.

Below you will find all that I would have presented today given the chance.

Notes for MadridFree Legal Forms

MadridFree Legal Forms

And here’s the slideshare related to Whitehouse Common’s awardwinning project – if you want to see examples of the sort of things we did, leave me a message and I’ll upload some of those too.

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