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7 things you may or may not know about me!

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7 by duncan
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As I have now been tagged twice for this meme, by @ajep and @stuart422, and as I have an unexpectedly ‘free’ day, guess I’d better get on with it!

Seven things you may wish to know about me….

1. On my very first school photograph I am wearing a Muppets T-shirt and shorts, and look like a boy. My Mum assures me that’s what I wanted to wear – and I guess she’s probably right! I was an opinionated 5 year old!

2. I appeared on Dutch national TV in cycling shorts and a crop top – but did not fair as badly as my cycling mate whose bottom was filmed cycling away into the distance.

3. In the sixth form, I was nicknamed ‘Anneka’ due to my penchant for jumpsuits and dungarees and the speed at which I moved, and was regularly greeted in the corridors with shouts of “Stop the clock, she’s found the clue!”

4. I have an irrational phobia of cotton wool – even the word makes me shiver and my mouth go dry so I have to lick my teeth.

5. I once sang Lucky Stars on stage with Dean Friedman at Ronnie Scotts in Birmingham. I was volunteered by my ‘friends’ :os

6. I had the chickenpox aged 21 on my year abroad in Spain. Not a pleasant experience :o(

7. Although I’m not technically Spanish, I really should be!

So – who can I tag? I think…. Chris Fuller, Andrew Rhodes, Helena Butterfield, Lynne Horn, Joe Rowing, Sinclair Mackenzie and Dave Baynham!

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