June 10, 2008 – ¡Vámonos!

Day: June 10, 2008

Los guapos

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And for those of you who are not in the least bit interested in football, but watch for the ‘aesthetic appeal’…

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rr9R_XosGgw&hl=en]

Who’s your favourite?


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I know that Euro08 actually kicked off last Saturday, but for me, it all starts tonight when Spain take on Russia. As the only house in the street displaying a flag in the window (how different from previous football tournaments – and a little sad!, you can’t miss my allegiances. At least without England, I have the loyalties of my children too. Well, half of the eldest’s as he is rather fond of Cristiano Ronaldo. Husband is supporting Turkey – less said about that the better.

So in honour of the kick off at 5pm, and to get you in the mood ….. ;o)

To help you recognise the some of the players (I don’t think Raúl is quite past it yet though!)
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ZjPqfE3wbA&hl=en]

Having missed a few tasks, I’m really pleased that the Whitehouse Common Primary have contributed to this month’s task for Voices of the World.

The May task is the last one for this academic year and is based around saying Goodbye.

Firstly, we recorded a goodbye greeting in Spanish using Voki– AC_Voki_Embed(300,400, ‘6378d6a5e17b42acb60fc7bd78074a50’, 471963, 1, ”, 0);

Get a Voki now!

Then we went around the school taking snapshots to show the other participants what our school is like. We uploaded them to Photostory3 to make a slideshow.

Finally, 4AT listened to and watched all the Voki produced by the other participants and, using the microphone on my laptop (still having issues with microphones at school), recorded the various greetings. And what a great job they did!

Once we’d added a funky soundtrack, the presentation was completed and uploaded to Teachertube for all to see!

Here it is – hope you enjoy it!

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