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Another of today’s discoveries was a bit of a surprise.

In amongst the Spanish rhymes and songs, I came across some videos with the prefix ‘NannyMóvil’. Reading the ‘About this video’ information I discovered that educamobile is someone called Alfonso from Barcelona and makes ‘Animaciones, canciones y cuentos en los teléfonos móviles de los padres, para distraer a sus hijos pequeños. (children oriented songs, animations and tales for parents’ mobile phones to distract small children.)
You can watch an interview with educamobile explaining and demonstrating the idea here – it’s in Catalan though! – I knew it was worth learning :o)
He has posted some of the videos on Youtube and they do look interesting. You can download the animations and songs etc to your mobile in Spain at a cost of 2€ +IVA (although there is a promotion at present to get ‘la granja’ free)- there’s an SMS number to contact. Doesn’t seem to work from England – I’m investigating how you might be able to download here. giving access to the menu of downloads – There’s also a wap address – can’t make it connect on my phone though :o(
So, I have another plan! Using Zamzar, I’m going to convert the videos from Youtube and then Bluetooth them to my ‘phone. Working out the format is the fun bit!

But even if that fails, the videos could be useful in class. The animations are cute and there are several types. There are the Nannyanimaciones that could be used to present vocabulary. There’s one of ‘bichos‘ (bugs) that would capture the imagination of some of the little lads (and possibly a couple of the young ladies!) I teach, and then there’s ‘animales de la sabana‘ featuring wild animals. Below is the ‘la granja‘ video.

I do think that to maintain attention you would need to selectively show the clips as they could become quite monotonous unless you play a game with them or just show a bit of the video – and the music could be a little more varied.

Then there are Nannycanciones like Que llueva and then Nannycuentos.

The cuento I found on Youtube was Caperucita Roja.
As the ‘blurb’ says –
‘Aquí mostramos a los personajes del cuento de Caperucita: el lobo, la abuelita, el cazador, y la caperucita. El cuento del móvil es mucho mejor. En este video no figuran ni los efectos especiales, ni los diálogos y algunas de las escenas que figuran en el móvil’ –
Because there is no dialogue, this would be a great inspiration/backdrop for pupils to retell the story in as simple terms as they wish – could be just naming characters for younger pupils up to older pupils (beyond primary) using more complicated language; perhaps it could be used to inspire a cross Key Stage / transition project? See what you think – I like the bold characters, especially the wolf dressed as Grandma!

You can find out more on the website –
On the site you’ll also find some print and colour sheets and dice to download and make linked to videos. It’s new site so some parts are under construction – I’ve emailed about the possibility of downloading outside Spain so will keep you posted!

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