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Uso de nuevas tecnologías

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An excellent video from Junta de Andalucia about the use of technology.

It advises children –

  • ask an adult e.g. your parents to help you find suitable sites
  • don’t give out your personal details
  • playing with your friends, reading and playing sport is fun too
  • be selective about what you play/watch
  • your imagination is the best game

A worthwhile message and a great video to teach good online behaviour in a fun – and different – way!


There are other videos in the series – watch out for more posts in the near future!

2 thoughts on “Uso de nuevas tecnologías”

  1. I like the way the child is being addressed and respected to use good judgment when using technology. The illustrations are very appealing. Thanks for sharing high quality websites for language learning through the use available technology.

    1. lisibo says:

      Thanks for your comment Sheryl. I liked this video very much too.

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