March 7, 2011 – ¡Vámonos!

Day: March 7, 2011

Following my post last night about Little Bird Tales and the problem with the accents on the title page, I received two comments before I woke this morning – one from Amiee Klem, co-founder of Little Bird Tales saying that they would sort out the accent issue I’d highlighted, and then another a coupel of hours later from her husband Michael telling me the problem was sorted.

THAT is good service for you!

This ‘story’ is a particular favourite.

Called El hecho y la opinión, it’s not really a story but a collaborative exercise in which 2nd grade pupils give a fact (un hecho) and an opinion (una opinión) about a picture in the book.

Good exercise to distinguish between facts and opinions – and an interesting use of the site!

And then there’s this great combination of storytelling, plasticine and history!

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