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España en 50 gráficos

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I am loving this site España en 50 gráficos.

Lots of information about Spain presented in graphic form.  Much of it is beyond the ken of my pupils but I know they’d love these sections.

1. Names

Click on a name on the list on the left, and it shows you how many people in each province have that name.  Really interesting for looking at regional differences.  For example, Antonia is popular in the South of Spain but not so much in the North.

2. Así es nuestra selección de fútbol.

A team photo of the World Cup winning football team with information about them.

3. Así ganamos el Mundial

A really interesting graphic showing who passed to whom!  It seems that most people don’t pass to Torres ;o)

Worth exploring, especially if you’re teaching older pupils who need to look at economics and politics!

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  1. Rachel Aukett says:

    Nice addition… thanks

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