February 16, 2010 – ¡Vámonos!

Day: February 16, 2010

WCPS Spanish

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It’s a long time since WCPS Spanish was updated – very
remiss! However, we’ve been recording all sorts of things, and i’ve finally got around to podcasting some of the soundfiles this evening, having downloaded 140 files from our Easispeaks – and there are still two Easispeaks ‘AWOL’ ;o)

So, check out Year 4 talking about their freetime, Year 5 speaking about the planets in Spanish – our first tentative steps towards CLIL – and Year 6 talking about their town.


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Today is Shrove Tuesday – I’ll be making pancakes very soon for my hungry ‘bichos’. However, in Spain and other Hispanic countries, they celebrate differently – as we found out at WCPS during our eTwinning project.

This time of year in Spain sees ‘carnavales’ . Coming from ‘carne’ = meat and ‘valle’ = farewell, festivities mark the start of Lent with parades and dressing up. The event was banned under Franco’s rule and recovered once democracy was established in 1981.
Check out this guide for more information and to find out about celebrations in different places around Spain.
Carnavales are not just celebrated in Spain however. Carnaval de Barranquilla in colombia is very famous and boasts a magnificent website full of information about traditions and actualities. Meet la Reina del Carnaval, elRey Momo and los Reyes Infantiles; check out some of the magnificent float designs , and check out what’s been and will be happening in Barranquilla.

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