Monthly Archives: March 2010

Creativity talks!

Rachel Hawkes is an absolute genius who I’m certain rarely sleeps or else has her own TARDIS as she can’t possibly have the hours in the day to teach and do all the things she does! Her ‘Major talk’ was all about speaking – the most undeveloped but most important skill in terms of motivation […]

Raising global awareness in a second language.

The first session I attended was Helen L. Walker presenting Raising global awareness in a second language and speaking from her experience as an early years teacher in the immersion programme in Canada.Helen asserted that we still tend to live within our own cultural bubble despite the immediacy of internet etc, and that global awareness, […]

Language World 2010

I’ve had the privilege over the last two days to be in York – a beautiful city – for the annual ALL conference Language World. Between dodging goose poo and trying to work out which bridge to cross, blowing bubbles and answering burning questions about the attractiveness of back hair and the point of mixed […]

Come to Language World exhibition.

Come to the Language World Exhibition! University of York Friday 26 and Saturday 27 March 2010 · It’s free, it’s big, it’s full of the best in languages resources – from books to IT solutions, from national support agencies to courses abroad. There’s something for every language teacher! · The Language World exhibition is open […]

Donde viven los monstruos

Another find today on Youtube. Where the wild things are in Spanish! So useful as pupils know the story already so don’t need to be hung up on meaning of every word. Just proves something that Mark Reid from BFI showed us last week at the Primary Language Show – the context is key, and […]

Me gusta el jugo de naranja

I’ve been looking for resources about healthy lifestyles and food today, and came across this song on my travels around Youtube. Very catchy and good for practising opinions about food – me gusta(n) / no me gusta(n) Ojo – it’s South American so uses the phrase ‘el jugo de naranja’ for orange juice instead of […]

Waving the flag – official song of FIFA World Cup 2010 – Bandera ondeanado

I loved the official song of the FIFA World Cup 2010 when i heard it for the first time today. And now I’ve found this bi-lingual version too with K’Naan, the original artist, singing with David Bisbal. The lyrics are below! Waving Flag de K´naan y David BisbalGive me freedomGive me firegive me reasonTake me […]

What can eTwinning do for you? – PLS2010

My second presentation at the Primary Language Show this year was entitled What can eTwinning do for you? This was an extended version of last week’s presentation, offering ideas of how eTwinning and addressing the International Dimension fits into the Key Stage 2 Framework and meets objectives for all years. Below is the Slidecast of […]

Audaciously using Voices to make Voki – PLS2010

I was privileged to be asked to speak at the Primary Language Show once more this year. Having presented last year on El Carnaval de los Animales and You and Youtube, this year I had two new topics on which to speak. The first of my presentations was entitled Audaciously using Voices to make Voki!During […]