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I’m just showing 6VH how to get around our little problem with Voki not recording directly by using Audacity. So brace yourself for lots of Voki coming at you this afternoon ;o)

Thanks to Zara in 5SD for letting me use her sound file to demonstrate!

AC_Voki_Embed(300,400,”b8bd88160d0bccd5edb01550390399fb”,926822, 1, “”, 0);
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For the last couple of weeks, I’ve spent my lunchtimes getting rather hot and bothered rehearsing three dance routines in Spanish with a group of Key Stage 2 pupils at WCPS in preparation for an excting challenge.

Following on from the success of Take Ten en français,(see Jo Rhys-Jones’ blog post for more details) Devon Education Services is developing Take Ten en español, and we were asked to take part. I know – Sutton Coldfield is miles from Devon but it all happened after an ‘on the hoof’ chat with Chris Wakeley at Primary Languages Show last year when Jo Rhys-Jones volunteered my services!

Take Ten is ‘a fantastic little resource from Devon Education Services. It’s a handy pocket-sized book full of games and activities that can be used as PE warm-ups or more sedately in the classroom as Brain-gym exercises.’ The English translation is alongside the Spanish and it links languages and physical activities, neatly addressing two initiatives at once!

So, along with five Devon schools, at the start of term we received a DVD and CD with our three dances. When I asked in assembly for volunteers, half of Key Stage 2 wanted to join in – then they saw the dances and quite a few dropped out. Having said that, there were 36 stalwarts and it was SOOO hard to choose the final team of 10 – but choose I did and this morning, the big day arrived!

Tracy Adams and Simon the cameraman arrived from Devon and we set to work dancing our socks off, resplendent in our Take Ten T-shirts. I’m just glad that I was dancing behind the camera as I was getting rather tired by the end – and I am quite fit! The kids did so well that filming was completed in record time – even with chocolate biscuit and juice breaks! In fact, the kids were rather disappointed that they’d finished so we had a bit of a muck around – see our videos!

We can’t wait for the final product to be published so we can see what it looks like. but until then, we have our Take Ten en español T-shirt and photographs to remind us of the day!
As soon as it’s available, I’ll let you know as it’s a really good resource and well worth buying for your schools.

Guest blogger – Adam 6VH
I enjoyed making Vokis so much that I decided to make one at home! This one is not Spanish but I managed to play around with the accents and this is the result!
AC_Voki_Embed(200,267,”32ecc2ac762e91ec1ba4e5933bb3662b”,906148, 1, “”, 0);
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PS I know he’s hijacked my blog ;o) Sra. Stevens

Chris’ Voki

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As we’re having issues with recording sound directly into Voki, Chris cleverly found that you could type in the text and select a Mexican accent. Here’s his Voki!

AC_Voki_Embed(200,267,”a62057cbad0103b42e7f72d9583a4633″,905710, 1, “”, 0);
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Photo by Kiki99 from Flickr

I received a missive from the school Bursar last week informing me that I had not spent my budget yet and warning me that if I didn’t get a move on, the remaining balance would be ‘re-allocated.’

Well, faced with the prospect of Art getting more paper and paint that is then locked up so we can’t touch it, or PE getting even more equipment to lose, I set about finding ways to spend, spend, spend.

I am not adverse to shopping and just love a good brochure so it was really a hardship! However, I did resent being forced to spend my money before I’d really been able to decide on the best items on which to spend it for the benefit of the kids. I did toy with the idea of purchasing a fire extinguisher for a certain Scottish Fizzics teacher who is at risk of combustion without one, but then got lost in the pages of the lovely glossy leaflets that I stash away for such occasions.

So, what did I buy?

Added to some bilingual books, subscription to Atantôt and set of dictionaries I’d purchased earlier in the year, and the Sónica software that we bought with Tesco vouchers, that’s not bad – and Ive still got another £170 to spend!!

Next on the list –

And when the Head gives me the £150 she’s promised owed for cover, I’m going to get Little Tails of the Unexpected too.

So, off to check out more glossy brochures (on and offline!) and make sure that the Bursar is familiar with the details of Linguascope, TTS, Little Linguist, Beelingua, Costcutters and Language Stickers.

Any suggestions as to what else I might buy??

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