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Veo veo

At the ELL Local Support Group (LSG) last week, we were talking about short activities that needed minimal preparation and could be used for the ‘little and often’ model. One of the activities discussed was I spy… In Spanish there is a lovely little rhyme that goes with the game – check out the East […]

QCA Spanish Unit 14 – Yo soy músico

yo soy músico Here comes part three of my reflections on the units I’m currently using in KS2 Spanish. If you’ve read the other parts on Units 5 and 11, you’ll recall that I’ve taught the units to half of the school and am now teaching the parallel classes until the summer break. So the […]

Fun with Spanish

I love singing and enjoy using song in my lessons. I’ve written before about the values of using song, rhyme and rhythm to aid learning whilst having fun. Although I’m not averse to making up my own songs, I’m always on the lookout for more songs to add to my repertoire. In the summer I […]

Rhymes and coordination.

Inspired by Jo Rhys-Jones post on Minibeasts, and her suggestion of some suitable French videos on Youtube to support it, I went in search of some Spanish equivalents – then got sidetracked! Having followed Jo’s links to Papillons, (complete with operatic French version of Anything I do, I do it for you), I decided to […]

Phonics music and rhythm.

What do the Kaiser Chiefs, The Bangles and the Pink Panther have in common? Not much you might think, but all provide the backing to French songs demonstrated today by Steph Hopkins at her conference Creating a compelling curriculum. In a session entitled Phonics, music and rhythm – developing confident speaking, Steph talked of the […]

Tablas en español.

My current fascination with Youtube continues! There will be no doubt be more posts later in the week with more of my discoveries, but here is the first ‘joya’. The ideal for Primary Language Learning (PLL) is that the learning is embedded in the curriculum. During my browsing, I discovered some lovely little videos of […]

Let’s get active (part 3)

It’s taken me longer than I expected, but here’s the rest of the input from the Birmingham ELL RSG on November 20th – Let’s get active! – giving ideas on activities for the PLL classroom that get the kids actively involved in learning language. I’ve already blogged about some games and a song – Jean […]

Let’s get active! RSG notes

Today’s ELL RSG in Birmingham is entitled Let’s get active! and I’m presenting ideas for activities using Songs and Rhymes , and also Parachutes. I’ve uploaded my presentations to My Box of Goodies (see right) along with some of the materials I’m using. I’ve done this so that people that were at the RSG can […]