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Zoo Barcelona

Yes, it’s another Barcelona post but nothing to do with football – promise! Last week when I was in Barcelona on a Comenius Regio visit, my colleague Jane and I hared around numerous sites in the city, collecting resources. One place we visited was the Zoo de Barcelona. Are all zoos the same, we wondered? […]

Barcelona – Campions :o)

So, Barcelona won! And in style. Abidal, after starting treatment for a liver tumour only 10 weeks ago, raised the Champions League cup following goals by Pedro, Messi and Villa (and Rooney I guess!) And Gerard Pique went home with a rather original souvenir, apparently following a tradition set by the Barcelona basketball team!

Don’t stop movin

Not a post about S Club 7 (athough I will say that my boys are big fans of Hannah who’s in Primeval now!) but about something that was reinforced in my mind last night. The Assistant Head at school had been asked to run part of the PDM on EAL (English as an additional language) […]

¡Viva Eurovision!

Getting into the Eurovision spirit …. Here’s the Andorran entry La teva decisió sung partly in Catalan (disappointed that it switches to English for the chorus but I guess that’s so more people understand it!) And the Spanish entry by Soraya called La noche es para mi (again has English in the chorus!) Here are […]

Blogging in Barcelona

Sagradafamilia, originally uploaded by Theo K. Bon dia des de Barcelona! Didn´t think I´d get to blog from Barcelona but as ´mi marido´is ´trabajando´and the hotel has a PC with free wifi, ´aquí estoy´. I am having a lovely time and there´s still more than a day to go. Yesterday we went to Montjüic and […]