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El carnaval de los animales – free animation

Having posted my presentation on the QCA unit El Carnaval de los animales earlier today, it seemed rather appropriate that I should find a free resource that goes with the unit this evening! I knew that the Consejería de Educacción had a wonderful poster to illustrate this unit, but until now didn’t know that they […]

Join El Carnaval de los animales – Comenius Regio Conference 29th June

I am so behind with posting things – rather a lot going on at the moment! Apologies to those who have been patiently waiting for my presentation at the Comenius Conference at Newman College on June 29th – here it is! It was a really great day and it was a wonderful way to finish […]

coloradolibraries en Youtube 4

The last video has a footballer reading 2 non-fiction books about animals – always a popular subject in primary schools. The first links into geography, culture and the environment; life cycles – who eats who – and habitats – who lives where. Here’s a link to the West Sussex Grid where there are some resources […]

Stoke on Trent – Join ‘El Carnaval de los animales’ – 5th June

Having never been to Stoke on Trent previously, I was there twice in three days! This time I’d been invited to speak at a ‘Creative Spanish’ afternoon for Primary Language teachers, organised jointly by Lorna Harvey from Staffordshire and Helen Thomas from Stoke on Trent. I really enjoyed the presentation on using Art by Shirley […]

Recalling vocabulary!

Brilliant ideas on how to recall pets in French using ‘pegging technique’- un chien – a ‘she’ dog called Annun lapin – a rabbit on your lap in a panun hamster – a staring hamsterun perroquet – a parrot on your shoulder eating a pear saying OKun souris – Sue the mouse looking for her […]

Join El Carnaval de los Animales! – PLS09

I was very privileged to be invited to present this year at the Primary Languages Show in Liverpool, not once but twice! I promised at my two sessions that I would post my notes and resources on my blog for people to download and use. So here’s my first presentation. If you download it, the […]

Mi mascota virtual.

Thought it was about time I adopted a pet for my blog. There were no cows available at the Virtual Pet Shop unfortunately – anyhow, Angus would get jealous, wouldn’t he @mrmackenzie? So, in honour of my friend, The Countess of Devon, here’s my new pet who will henceforth live in my sidebar. adopt your […]

El Carnaval de los Animales – 4VH get animated!

*cross post with Animation for Education NING * Having attended animation workshops, made a few plasticine model animations and talked up the use of animation in PLL (primary language learning), three weeks ago I decided to take the plunge and let the kids show me what they could do! Year 4 are currently studying a […]