February 12, 2011 – ¡Vámonos!

Day: February 12, 2011

Postcard courtesy of Landsbankinn

Seventh saying in our series of nine –

They splash the skyr who own it.

Laden with irony, this phrase actually means quite the opposite.  Synonymous with the English proverb about people who throw stones in glass houses, it acquired something of a cult status a few decades ago when an angry protestor lobbed handfuls of the wholesome if messy dairy product skyr at members of parliament during a ceremonial procession.

Skyr is delicious – I wouldn’t waste it on politicians.

I had a lovely time with some delegates this morning talking about storytelling using ICT – ‘digital storytelling’

Here’s my presentation – possibly won’t make much sense until it has the sound added, but you’ll have to wait a bit for that until I get the file back from Joe Dale’s iRiver.

Also, there is a document containing all the notes from the session.

Tell me a story session notes

Tell me a story presentation

Links that I missed off the list – MFL animation themed!

Catherine Elliot – www.twitter.com/catherinelliott


http://bit.ly/efSmim – Joe Dale interviews Catherine

Oscar Stringer – www.twitter.com/ostringer

http://www.animationforeducation.co.uk/ – go to Film examples – MFL

Any questions or queries, feel free to contact me

MFL DomoAnimate


The third of the tools I may or may not have time to mention at ICT Links into Languages conference in Southampton is DomoAnimate.

Below is an example in French, German and Spanish of how this tool has been used in other languages. Note lack of accents :o(

DomoNation.com: Mes Prochaines Vacances by Alex Olds

Like it? Create your own at DomoNation.com. It’s free and fun!

DomoNation.com: Schule by Sheridaan

Like it? Create your own at DomoNation.com. It’s free and fun!

DomoNation.com: Las Aventuras de Domo:El encuentro con los aliens1 by AlejoCortes

Like it? Create your own at DomoNation.com. It’s free and fun!

MFL Toondoos

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Also as part of my presentation at ICT Links into Languages conference I’ll be mentioning ToonDoo so here are a few examples of how it’s been used in MFL.

Mi Vida Loca

Comparisons on Mandarin

In this Spanish story, Charlie and Bon QuiQui go out to lunch.

And some French comic strips on introductions
french cartoon


french toondoo

And a couple of German examples –
The movies in German

German Assignment

MFL Zoobursts

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Today I’m presenting a session at ICT Links into Languages Conference in Southampton entitled Tell me a story. As part of the session, i’ll be showing delegates how to use Zooburst and have therefore been having a look at some of the books already on the site.
Here are a few examples of how it’s been used in MFL.

A story in French about the consequences of kicking your ball through someone else’s window!

An Italian Zooburst – a recipe!

Another French one here – where are Dracula’s teeth?

A Spanish story about a Prince.

And here’s a variation on the Prince story.

A brilliant Zooburst here packed with information about El reciclaje

And finally, a German ‘story’ of someone’s sporting activities for the week.

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