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There’s only one….

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I’m a great one for writing songs and little ditties to help children (and those slightly older!) learn languages. We’ve had Diez animales to the tune of Ten green bottles, Hace sol y hace calor to Half a pound of Tuppeny Rice and ¿Quieres un helado? to a random (very annoying!) tune I composed myself.

It seems that some of my songwriting (dis)ability has been passed on in the genes as my eldest was inspired to song by Tottenham beating Chelsea on Saturday. Odd, as he is a Man Utd. fan , but his Dad and little brother are Spurs fans so I guess it is explicable. Very catchy, I have to say.

Strange that you weren’t inspired to song by last week’s match against Liverpool – now what was the score, Isaac? Oh yes – Man Utd 1 – Liverpool 4 :o)

2 thoughts on “There’s only one….”

  1. Tricia says:

    Hi,I love following your blog! So many neat ideas. I lag behind a bit in tech-related stuff, so maybe I’m missing the obvious, but when your posts refer to your “box of goodies,” what are you refering to? It is often in a different color as though it was a link, but nothing happens when I click on it. Thanks!

  2. Lisa Stevens says:

    Hi TriciaGood point! There was a “Box of Goodies’ in the right hand column but it’s disappeared!i will go and find it!If you let me know what was supposed to be in it, I might be able to provide it even if the box is lost!!Lisa x

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