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Access Network Show and Tell Flashmeeting

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Earlier this week David Noble tweeted a request for someone to attend a Flashmeeting on 8th May for his Access Network. Seeing it as an opportunity to virtually meet some new people, to help David and to leave school on the bell, I volunteered to share some ideas about using puppets and also some ideas for eTwinning.

On a very hot afternoon six of us met on Flashmeeting with David sharing about using GoogleEarth and also about ScotsEduBlogs. David is much more advanced in his Flashmeeting skills than me and managed to post his URLs using the URL button so they popped up for us – I managed to forget about this facility until too late, and posted any that I used in the chat. I hope that my contribution was helpful – I learned plenty from the part of David’s talk that I caught.

Below are the links I promised to post to my blog for anyone who is interested ;o)

Puppets – the following blog posts might interest you –
Inspired in IKEA part2 – ideas for where to get and what to do with puppets
Diez animales- an idea for using puppets with song to demonstrate understanding and increase motivation!

I quoted some of these sites in the meeting but I’ll repeat them anyway!
Have a look a the post I wrote last week about my talk at Beaumanor Hall for teachers of pupils with SEN in special and mainstream schools – there are several useful links including to the project at Sackville School run by Anne Jakins I mentioned and to a few projects/ideas I mentioned. You can also find the links to the outcomes of Whitehouse Common’s project with Spain.
There are other posts on eTwinning on my blog – use the search feature on the right- perhaps you’d be interested in this one as well.
The British Council site has an eTwinning section and then there is the eTwinning portal where you register your interest, search for partners and can record your project.
And then there is the all important eTwinning Ambassadors page.

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