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Christmas is coming…

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I’m horrified to discover that it’s nearly two weeks since I last blogged! Where is the time going?

Well, with Christmas fast approaching, I thought it might be a good time to share some Christmas ideas.

I prepared a presentation for the Birmingham RSG last year -you can view it as a Slideshow below – but here are a few of the highlights.

If you’re looking for French carols, have a look at
It’s always great to get something free and there’s lots here : a great French-Canadian site with songs sung by children, complete with visual presentation of the words.I think it would work really well on an IWB and also as a daily starter activity as it’s an Advent calendar with a song behind each door. My favourites are the first two, a song about peace (Enfants de Noël) and an amusingly animated song about world food (La Tourtière).

For Spanish, why not check out another Canadian website –

where you’ll find a webquest based on six articles about Christmas in Spain, Mexico and South America. The articles and accompanying questions are all in English (and in Spanish too sometimes) and include recipes and traditions. Bag the ICT suite or the laptop trolley and see what your pupils can discover for themselves!

Another favourite site is a downloadable ‘belén’ , postcards to send by e-mail, some carols and, (perhaps most usefully?) tips in Spanish on how to wrap awkwardly shaped Christmas presents!

And the final one I discovered on an Edublog winning blog El Tinglado – a link to a Wiki full of Spanish carols and music for Christmas – El Rincón de los Villancicos.
With words, music, midi files of the carols and videos, this is a one stop concert planner! Just add singers!

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