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News Time Spanish

Today sees the beginning of another wonderful offering from Radio Lingua Network as episode 1 of NewsTime Spanish is launched. Made by a highly talented trio – Mark ‘Mr RadioLingua’ Pentleton, José ‘just say Edmodo and I melt’ Picardo and Chris ‘where’s it to?’ Fuller, this weekly podcast keeps you up to date with news […]

Las cruces de mayo

Thanks to an e-mail from Speekee, my knowledge of Spanish festivals has just grown! This weekend in Spain’s festive year it’s The May Crosses – Las Cruces de Mayo. Las Cruces de Mayo form a Spanish tradition which dates back to Roman times. Anyone can take part in making the decorative crosses, usually achieved by […]


A beautiful, moving video of the Picasso painting Guernica, presented here in 3D. The music makes it all the more haunting. [youtube]


Today is Shrove Tuesday – I’ll be making pancakes very soon for my hungry ‘bichos’. However, in Spain and other Hispanic countries, they celebrate differently – as we found out at WCPS during our eTwinning project. This time of year in Spain sees ‘carnavales’ . Coming from ‘carne’ = meat and ‘valle’ = farewell, festivities […]

¡Felices Reyes!

As we’re all taking down our Christmas decorations and enjoying the snow, (well, we are here having been granted a snow day!) in Spain and Mexico, children have been receiving their presents this morning, left for them by Los Reyes Magos. So, to all of you, ¡Felices Reyes! Here is a video of last year’s […]

¿Ganará Madrid 2016? ¡Vénte pa’ Madrid!

So, the decision about to whom London pass on the Olympic flame at the end of 2012 will soon be made. And much to everyone’s surprise, Chicago (despite Obama) are out and Madrid are still in to fight it out head to head with Rio. The smart money is on Rio but Madrid can dream […]

Learn Spanish hand gestures.

.flickr-photo { border: solid 2px #000000; }.flickr-yourcomment { }.flickr-frame { text-align: left; padding: 3px; }.flickr-caption { font-size: 0.8em; margin-top: 0px; } Spanish Hand Gestures, originally uploaded by KatsAsleep. Just picked up the following from Twitter via @josepicardo who was alerted to it by @luciax. Published by The Guardian in its Language Resources – Spanish area, […]

¡Me gusta mucho el fútbol!

As I don my Spain shirt to watch Spain take on the singing might of Bafane Bafane, I thought I’d share with you a clip of the ‘guapísmo’ ‘Nando Torres scoring a hattrick against New Zealand earlier this week. (thanks to Year4 at Green Park School for sharing this originally!) [youtube]

El Gordo

Yesterday saw the biggest lottery of the year – El Gordo (the Fat One) – in Spain. As far as I know – and I think I would know – my Aunt didn’t win and nor did anyone else I know, but I still like to check it out as it is drawn and called […]