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Bricklaying for Beginners – Language World 2010

Bricklaying for beginners – Building firm foundations It seems months ago that I spoke at Language world and I apologise for my tardiness in delivering this post!  Sadly, although i posted my presentation to Slideshare some time ago, i’ve been unable to get at it for a couple of weeks as the site is being […]

Language World 2010 – Liz Black

Embedding languages was also the theme of the last session I attended at Language World. In Unlocking potential Liz Black talked about a project, or as she prefers to call them ‘series of work in context’ inspired by Le Grand Parc – Puy de fou, a demonstration of community problem solving – in an area […]

Language World 2010 – Claire Dodd

I made friends with Claire on Facebook just before Language World – what a great decision that was! She’s as mad and lively as me! Her session was on Embedding Languages in the Curriculum and gave plenty of ideas for doing just that! Highlights including dancing to (just tried it out again with Isaac […]

Language World 2010 – Cynthia Martin

[] The Keynote on Saturday morning at Language World was delivered by Cynthia Martin, President of ALL this year, and was report on research that she and others have carried out into Primary languages. Rather than try to write it all down, I took lots of pictures of the slides and made a movie. […]

Creativity talks!

Rachel Hawkes is an absolute genius who I’m certain rarely sleeps or else has her own TARDIS as she can’t possibly have the hours in the day to teach and do all the things she does! Her ‘Major talk’ was all about speaking – the most undeveloped but most important skill in terms of motivation […]

Raising global awareness in a second language.

The first session I attended was Helen L. Walker presenting Raising global awareness in a second language and speaking from her experience as an early years teacher in the immersion programme in Canada.Helen asserted that we still tend to live within our own cultural bubble despite the immediacy of internet etc, and that global awareness, […]

Language World 2010

I’ve had the privilege over the last two days to be in York – a beautiful city – for the annual ALL conference Language World. Between dodging goose poo and trying to work out which bridge to cross, blowing bubbles and answering burning questions about the attractiveness of back hair and the point of mixed […]

Language World 2010

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