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Spanish Online Courses for Teachers – Aula Virtual de Español (AVE)

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I’ve received an email from Spanish Consejería de Educación in the UK offering Spanish Online Courses for Primary and Secondary School Teachers in Britain through the Aula Virtual de Español (AVE), an interactive platform specifically designed by the Instituto Cervantes for the teaching and learning of Spanish.

The details are all here  AVE Spanish Online Course with Tutor Support 2012-13 but in brief –

Over 20 weeks starting in October and finishing in March, absolute and near beginners at Spanish will spend 2-3 hours a week studying Spanish online.  They will receive a weekly schedule of what to do and with support from a course tutor, will complete some suggested tasks to use their learning. At the end of the course, they will receive a certificate from Instituto Cervantes stating that they have completed the course as long as the compulsory tasks have been completed and a minimum of 5 tasks sent to their tutor. The course is massively subsidised costing just £50 rather than £140 and is a great opportunity to ‘upskill’ a little.

The closing date for applications is very soon – Friday 28th September – so have a think and then sign up!

Now, if someone could just find me a German version… ;o)

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