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As a MYLO ambassador, I’m pleased to say that, following a long hiatus in proceedings caused by the change in Government, MYLO is live!

MYLO, the free online language learning resource for students aged from 14 to 16, is live and online.
MYLO is the latest way for students to learn French, German, Spanish and Mandarin through computer activities which include producing a TV advert, working in a French fashion house and designing a football kit. With practice materials, online dictionaries, phrase books, background information and plenty of hints and tips, learners have everything they need to complete tasks online. Crucially the site also provides opportunities for students to use their productive skills working on writing and speaking projects.
Kate Board, Chief Executive of CILT, the National Centre for Languages, says: ‘The fun, innovative and creative approach to learning that MYLO offers is an ideal way for young people to learn a new language. If we want to reverse the downward trend in GCSE take-up, we need to connect with young people in a way they can relate to – and show them how they could use languages in a whole range of situations in later life.’
MYLO has been piloted and developed with the input of a number of schools, educational bodies and teachers. They report that it gets young people excited about languages, and helps them develop skills in delegating, group work and project management. One Year 8 student from Bradford described the activities as ‘fun and cool and something we are interested in’, whilst another talked of how it is ‘very different to anything we do in language lessons.’
MYLO also has a social networking element that allows students to become part of a MYLO community. Once their school is registered with MYLO, students can create their own online profile, comment on the work of their peers, get feedback from their teachers online and even compete against other schools. Teachers will also be able to create special playlists of projects for their pupils, to tie in with their own study requirements and personal interests.
To sign up for MYLO, and get more information on how it will work, go to

3 thoughts on “MYLO”

  1. Tricia says:

    I’m so excited. It looks fabulous! Have they given you any idea of the timeline for releasing the units that are labeled “coming soon?”

  2. lisibo says:

    Hi Tricia

    Not sure – there have lots of delays thanks to politics.

    I’ll let you know as soon as I get any firther information, but if you have a look at the MYLO blog, it may tell you before I do!

  3. Ed says:

    The website looks great! I signed up for a school account, but I teach at a school in the U.S. so I am thinking the appplication will probably get rejected. Can we just use individual accounts if so? It’s such a great tool. It should be made available to everyone.

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