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An idea for European Day of Languages

Happy European Day of Languages. Here’s an idea of what you might do if you hadn’t planned anything and want to do something! This map was published on the Oxford Dictionaries blog last week for World Gratitude Day and features over 20 ways to say thank you from around the world. Why not try out […]

Feb29th.net – Reasons to learn a language

I, amongst many many other people, used the extra day we have this year and blogged on Feb29th.net. Brainchild of @deputymitchell to get the world blogging in a simple and easy way, Feb29th.net has collected flags from 91 nations and been visited over 21,000 times. More importantly, thousands of people, young and old have added […]

World Hello Day

Thank you to June da Silva for pointing this out via primarylanguages@mailtalk.ac.uk. November 21st is World Hello Day on which people are encouraged to greet 10 people to demonstrate the importance of personal communication in maintaining peace.   World Hello Day was begun in response to the conflict between Egypt and Israel in the Fall […]

Linguascope awards.

Just discovered the following via Linguascope’s Facebook page. To celebrate the second Linguascope Conference in Brighton we have decided to create a series of awards aimed at rewarding and highlighting outstanding achievements by individuals, companies and organisations involved in the field of Modern Foreign Languages. The categories are as follows: Language Teacher of the Year […]

Isaac learns German

I take my job as a parent very seriously and when I heard that Isaac would be learning German, I decided to prepare him adequately. Firstly, we looked at the importance of language learning. Then we looked at some numbers. Tonight we’ll be working on some instructions. When I said i take my job as […]


People often ask me what eTwinning is all about, and, as an eTwinning Ambassador, I try to explain.  The eTwinning experience is tricky to put into words until you’ve experienced it, so this video is just the ticket. It has no words and is therefore useable in any country, and it says a lot about […]