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Spanish Angry Olympics – parte 1

I’ve just rediscovered these wonderful videos and in the run up to the Olympics, I’ll be posting one every day. Whilst they’re based on the Beijing Olympics, they look at specific language points each time and are funny! Today’s episode, CAN CAN, looks at PODER – to be able to, as well as transport vocabulary.

Ser vs Estar rap

Another magnificent clip from Youtube – this time intended to explain the useage of SER and ESTAR – both meaning ‘to be’ in Spanish. The rap made me smile – important when you’re feeling all bunged up with cold! See what you think! (The rap starts at 55 seconds.) They’ve made another rap called POR […]

Reflex your verby – as good as Conjugations Back?

I was speaking in Brighton about the wonders of Youtube several weeks ago, and showed one of my favourite videos – Conjugations Back. if you haven’t seen it, you’ve missed a treat! Check it out NOW! Then there was Cry me a verb Some great dancing in this one! Well, today I think I found […]