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Feliz Día de San Valentín

A day early I know but I figured it would be more useful to tell you about it BEFORE the day so that you might be able to use it ON the day… Via Twitter, I discovered this lovely activity from OnlineFreeSpanish.com for making Valentine’s Day cards. I particularly like this resource as it offers lots […]

See in the New Year, Spanish style!

As the clock in the Puerta del Sol in Madrid strikes midnight, people across Spain will be attemptig to eat 12 grapes before the ‘bongs’ finish. As OrangePolkaDot tells us, the supermarkets sell special packs of twelve grapes to help you suceed! Why? This blog post suggests that it is may have been due to […]

¡Inocente Inocente!

Today is El Día de los Santos Inocentes in Spain and other Hispanic countries, their equivalent of April Fools Day.  But it goes deeper than that as it has its roots in the story of Christmas when Herod ordered the killing of all baby boys, and Mary and Joseph escaped with Jesus having been warned […]

Advent treats!

Thought I’d highlight two great treats for Advent from two inspirational people. Firstly, Mandy Barrow of the world famous Woodlands Junior School in Kent has produced an online World Advent calendar with details of Christmas around the world.  Each day you can open a new door and find out about Christmas traditions from other countries, […]

Las cruces de mayo

Thanks to an e-mail from Speekee, my knowledge of Spanish festivals has just grown! This weekend in Spain’s festive year it’s The May Crosses – Las Cruces de Mayo. Las Cruces de Mayo form a Spanish tradition which dates back to Roman times. Anyone can take part in making the decorative crosses, usually achieved by […]