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coloradolibraries en Youtube 4

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

The last video has a footballer reading 2 non-fiction books about animals – always a popular subject in primary schools.

The first links into geography, culture and the environment; life cycles – who eats who – and habitats – who lives where.

Here’s a link to the West Sussex Grid where there are some resources linked to habitat. And some animal / habitat flashcards.

The second is about elks – venados – and how they live. Really interesting!


El medio ambiente

Saturday, April 16th, 2011

I was interested to see a FB post by Foreign Language House recommending some video clips for Earth Day.

When I investigated further  I found that Earth Day is 22nd April.

Here are some clips to help you consider the environment with young learners on any day of the year!

La tierra está enferma

La carta de la Tierra

Dia Mundial de la Tierra – some images to help you think about our effect on nature.

Medio ambiente – a short video by Arena and Pablo giving their take on the environment.

And a little bit of help from Pocoyo!


And then there are a few sites that could be of use too!

Ecopibes.com looks a wonderful site all about the environment – both on Earth and in space – offering explanations, activities and advice!

Peques.com also has advice on looking after our environment both at home, at school and in the wider world.

Just missed it but here’s an article about World Water Day!

Some advice here for parents / teachers on how to interest kids in the environment.

And some Cuentos para dormir about nature and the environment. Sadly no pictures, but you do get a transcript and the audio is well read!