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La Hora del Planeta

Today is La Hora del Planeta when people are asked to consider their impact on our planet and, a s symbol of their willingness to look after our world, put out their lights from 8.30pm local time for an hour. La Familia Tellerín and WWF have produced a little video to promote this: You could […]

coloradolibraries en Youtube 4

The last video has a footballer reading 2 non-fiction books about animals – always a popular subject in primary schools. The first links into geography, culture and the environment; life cycles – who eats who – and habitats – who lives where. Here’s a link to the West Sussex Grid where there are some resources […]

El medio ambiente

I was interested to see a FB post by Foreign Language House recommending some video clips for Earth Day. When I investigated further  I found that Earth Day is 22nd April. Here are some clips to help you consider the environment with young learners on any day of the year! La tierra está enferma La […]