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Linguamedia is an app that allows you to watch foreign TV stations online. Originally launched earlier this year with French channels,  Linguascope announced today that their Linguamedia app has been updated so you can now watch German, Spanish, Italian and English channels as well as French ones. They’ve also improved video playback, and updated it for the iPhone5 screen.

The app costs 69p and offers 16 French, 6 German, 12 Italian, 12 Spanish and 5 English channels (NB the channels are in that language not necessarily from that country so there is an Austrian and a Swiss channel for German) It is possible to access TV online e.g. by searching “RTVE” you can watch the stream of RTVE1, RTVE2, Telesport and Canal 24H, but for convenience, this app is great. You need a wifi connection to view the stations, and as Linguascope warn

I’ve mentioned Linguatrivia Spanish and Newshound previously but there are many other apps from Linguascope available. Worth a look!

Here are some short clips of British children’s programmes in Spanish. A familiar context is useful in language learning, and it’s always fun to see what the familiar sounds like in another language!
First of all, here’s Pat, el Cartero.

And then there’s Noddy!

And finally from El jardín de los sueños, Makka Pakka.

If you missed last night’s Teachmeet EdTechRoundup, never fear! You can catch up by watching the archived stream.

The stream has been split into 12 parts – my bit is mostly at the end of episode 3 with a short bit (sadly cut short by being camelled) and follow on in episode 4 . I’ve embedded those episodes below – the rest can be found here. Well worth watching – loads of interesting presentations; something for everyone :o)

Twitter feed is here.
And Flickr photos of participants are here.

Teachers TV


Last June I spent a very enjoyable but also very tiring day being filmed by Teachers TV. The premise of the series of which my programme was to be a part was that an ‘expert’ in an area of ICT was visited by an interested / curious ‘beginner’. The ‘beginner’ observed the ‘expert’ for a day then went back to their school to try out some of the things they had learned. My area was ‘online communities / social media’ and my visitor, Marie Guyomarc’h, a secondary French teacher.

Yesterday saw the premiere of the programme – I came downstairs at 8am to discover my children laughing their heads off as they watched. Thankfully, not all viewers were as amused and I received some lovely tweets from people who had seen the programme either online or on TV.
If you want to watch, you can access the video here where you can also find lesson plans and further tips on the area.
So, watch and see – will you join my boys laughing at me or will you find it even a little bit helpful?

Los Patata

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Just come across this lovely cuddly family – Los Patata on Youtube.

As the blurb says

Telemadrid emite todos los fines de semana, por la mañana, “Los Patata”, una serie infantil realizada con muñecos, dirigida a niños en edad preescolar. Estructurada en mini episodios, pretende entretener fomentando conocimientos, valores, respeto e igualdad de roles… Además, la familia Patata, cada noche invita a los niños a irse a la cama con la canción “Hasta mañana, un beso”. “Los Patata” también están a diario en la programación infantil de laOtra.

I love this goodnight song – very sweet and makes a change from Chris Jarvis on CBeebies with his mobile eyebrows telling us ‘The time has come to say goodnight….’

Here’s the short version-

Great news from José Picardo’s blog that you don’t need SKY or a superduper mega satellite dish to access Spanish TV. As he reports, you can watch several channels online including Canal+ and Telecinco. I agree with José about RTVE being the best though – after nearly a fortnight in Spain, I really miss it. And what’s more, my children miss it too. Youngest was quite taken with the children’s programmes and was quite annoyed when we went to dinner before Los Lunnis had concluded, and the eldest was doing well with the sports programmes. Added to that, the advertisements were obviously very effective as they both recall numerous slogans and songs ;o)

And, as José reports, you can capture the programmes in RealPlayer for use in the classroom. Great news I say.

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