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#PracPed15 – Using technology to enhance Primary Language Learning

Wednesday, October 21st, 2015

Evernote Snapshot 20151016 104158My session at the wonderful Practical Pedagogies conference centred around the use of technology to enhance Primary Language Learning.

Key points I made included:

  • technology is not  just for the pupils but also for the teacher;
  • it is just one tool we have to use;
  • it is not always the best tool for the job.

I went on to suggest online tools as well as apps that might be useful in a range of contexts and situations.

My presentation is below and there is wiki with links to tutorials, examples and ideas that accompanies it. Feel free to ask questions via the contact form or @lisibo on Twitter.

Using technology to enhance Primary Language Learning from Lisa Stevens
And thanks to Marisa for sharing her notes (and photographs!) here.

Stafford Primary Languages Conference – Tip Top Language Learning

Friday, March 28th, 2014

As promised, my presentation from Stafford last week! A quick whip through some of my favourite activities with a view to inspire and also keep everyone awake after lunch 😉

Links –

Rachel Hawkes’ phonics

Music for Los vocales D.I.S.C.O.


Jo Rhy Jones phonic activities 

Oso Pardo pdf

Boowa et Kwala – Peut tu marchez comme un canard? Fingerpaint song

Padlet.com – for collecting ideas (online post it notes)

Storybird – make up your own stories using illustrators images. MFL Storybird wikispace

I also mentioned Tellagami, Pic collage and Book Creator app. Check out this post for more details!

Again, if I’ve forgotten to upload something that I promised, please let me know!


¿De dónde viene el yak? – a Storybird

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

One final (for now!) Storybird, this time a little more complex than previously. This book is about animals and from where they come. It could be used as part of a cross curricular unit (geography /Science / Spanish). Whilst making it, I found a great website called Animalandia which has information in the form of short ‘fichas’ and a paragraph about over 400 animals and great pictures too. I particularly like the Carrusel de imágenes that can be set to flick through a certain animal group or just pop up images of random animals.
I wish I’d known of this site when I wrote this post about the QCA unit El Carnaval de los Animales, but it would certainly help with the latter tasks such as writing about an animal in the first person,  creating My Wildself and describing it.
¿De dónde viene el yak? on Storybird


PS I promise to get a new ‘obsession’ for November! ;O)

¿Cómo te sientes? – a Storybird

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

How many different ways can you answer the question ¿Qué tal? or ¿Cómo te sientes hoy? A story in Spanish about feeling happy and sad, angry and confused.

¿Cómo te sientes hoy? on Storybird

Tener – a Storybird

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

This book was never properly finished as I can’t go back to the pictures now to add more. However, it has quite a few ‘tener’ expressions even without being complete!
TENER. on Storybird

¿Qué voy a hacer? – a Storybird

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

Not quite sure what to do today? Nor is our hero. Read on to find out what he decides to do.

¿Qué voy a hacer hoy? on Storybird

Los animales – a Storybird

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

Continuing with my “Storybird collection”, here’s Los animales, a book that describes some unusual animals.

Los animales on Storybird

Me gusta la música / A veces toco un instrumento – more Storybirds!

Monday, October 29th, 2012

I’m having a bit of a Storybird ‘splurge’ at the moment. It’s my chosen form of relaxation this week!

So here are two I’ve just written with the QCA Unit Yo soy músico in mind (see here for a previous post on this unit and here for a fun activity we did using Twitter!). Two becasue one is very simple with phrases using tocar plus an instrument e.g. Toco la flauta, whilst the second adds a frequency phrase to the sentence e.g. Toco el piano cada miércoles; Toco la guitarra a menudo etc. I guess i could write a third version adding even more detail…

Me gusta la música on Storybird

A veces toco un instrumento. on Storybird

¿Qué tiempo hace? – a Storybird

Monday, October 29th, 2012

This story has beautiful illustrations to help talk about the weather in Spanish.

¿Qué tiempo hace? on Storybird

A Storybird for Halloween – Contar conmigo en Halloween.

Sunday, October 28th, 2012

A new Storybird that has not been seen previously, especially for Halloween – and specifically written for RGo at WCPS ;o)

Count with Calabaza (Pumpkin) from 0 to 9, and then find the Halloween objects in the story.

Hope you enjoy it!

Contar conmigoen Halloween. on Storybird