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Literacy and PLL in tandem – resources for free!

It seems that some people are just incapable of getting *completely* into holiday mode and just can’t stop themselves from working! Jo Rhys Jones is one of these mad people and over the last week or so she’s been populating her wonderful Talkabout Primary MFL NING with resources that she’s developed for a project to […]

Inspiration for Motivation – Top Tips for PLL

Here is the Slidecast of my second presentation from Brighton. Apologies for the audio cutting out before the end – no idea what happened there!  Perhaps the iRiver overheated! Apologies to @wizenedcrone for forgetting her real name – it’s Fiona Joyce!!! And the German site I mentioned was called GenkiGerman. Top tips for the Primary […]

Alternative Eurovision Song Contest

As you know if you read a previous post, I am strangely fascinated by the Eurovision Song Contest. It’s mainly to do with Terry Wogan’s irreverent commentary and the hilarious subtitle bloopers that occur on Ceefax when they instant-translate the hosts speaking rather than the singing which is often dire. This year, I’ll be away […]

I love Widgits!

Following an email exchange initiated by Chris Fuller today about making posts from our blogs appear on Talkabout Primary MFL, Jo Rhys Jones (creator of this NING network) sent Chris and I off to to acquire a widgit that could be put on our personal pages of the network. Thus, anyone popping by to […]