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Noticias Locas.

One of my Google Reader / Feedly subscriptions is to a site called Noticias Locas which offers ‘Noticias curiosas, insólitas, raras …. pero rigurosamente ciertas‘, a bit like a site that catalogues ‘And finally…’ news items in Spanish. I thought I’d share with you one that tickled me! You can search here by title – […]

Los Juegos Olímpicos en español.

Regular readers may have realised by now that I’m a sports fan – and even irregular readers probably have an inkling! So you can guess that I’m currently having a fine time keeping an eye and ear on events at the Olympics Games in Beijing. My boys are quite interested too and it’s fun trying […]

Crossing phases.

Photo by zenAttribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License Posts have been a bit sparse recently as the frantic end of term rush took over! Sports days, Year 6 leaving plays, Performance Management meetings and generally tying up loose ends got in the way of blogging. However, the holidays are here, and I’m hoping to make up for my failings […]

Spain using voodoo at Euro 08??

According to the Euro 08 blog, Spain have been reported to be using voodoo in their pursuit of that elusive championship win. Originally reported in Russia Today (bit suspicious that, eh?), Someone in Spain has been making and selling football player voodoo dolls, which come with a pack of flags. La Furia Roja fans can […]

Be a record breaker!

Today I received an email from the Ministerio de Educación y Ciencias about a record breaking attempt at the largest ever flamenco display. Here’s the message! Come and join the world’s record breaking Sevillanas dance!London’s Regent Street will be given over to hundreds of Sevillanasdancers on Sunday 25 May as they attempt to set a […]

Metro – Daily free newspaper download.

I’ve travelled by train several times in the last few weeks and each time have acquired a free copy of Metro. I knew that there were different editions for major cities, but didn’t realise that it is an international paper. Today, courtesy of MinkiePinkie aka Emmanuelle and via MFLresources Yahoo group, I discovered that not […]

Primary schools getting worse??

After an early start to get to Manchester for the Primary Language Show, I didn’t check my BBC News email alert as usual so was slightly puzzled by José Picardo’s Tweet – Having checked it out, I’ll tell you, José, and anyone else who’s interested in my opinion! The post is called ‘Primary Schools ‘have […]