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Today I took part in a conference in the Banqueting Suite of Birmingham’s Council House about the International Opportunities, presenting a case study as part of a presentation on Comenius and eTwinning along with Simon Graham from the British Council and Paul Higgs from Belvedere Junior School in Burton on Trent.

For those of you who attended the session, here’s my presentation – especially if you attended the first version when I had to fit it all into 3 minutes ;o)
I’ve also uploaded a couple of examples of work that the pupils did as part of the project. More can be found on our school websites – WCPS and CPCHD.

If you have any questions, you’re welcome to contact me.

4KP Easter ppt (RE) – Get more documents

1HJ Easter PPT (music) – Get more documents

4CT Easter PPT (maths) – Get more documents

questions for cpchd – Get more documents

The ws of etwinning at wcps – Get more documents

example of pancake day work – Get more documents

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