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I received a missive from the school Bursar last week informing me that I had not spent my budget yet and warning me that if I didn’t get a move on, the remaining balance would be ‘re-allocated.’

Well, faced with the prospect of Art getting more paper and paint that is then locked up so we can’t touch it, or PE getting even more equipment to lose, I set about finding ways to spend, spend, spend.

I am not adverse to shopping and just love a good brochure so it was really a hardship! However, I did resent being forced to spend my money before I’d really been able to decide on the best items on which to spend it for the benefit of the kids. I did toy with the idea of purchasing a fire extinguisher for a certain Scottish Fizzics teacher who is at risk of combustion without one, but then got lost in the pages of the lovely glossy leaflets that I stash away for such occasions.

So, what did I buy?

Added to some bilingual books, subscription to Atantôt and set of dictionaries I’d purchased earlier in the year, and the Sónica software that we bought with Tesco vouchers, that’s not bad – and Ive still got another £170 to spend!!

Next on the list –

And when the Head gives me the £150 she’s promised owed for cover, I’m going to get Little Tails of the Unexpected too.

So, off to check out more glossy brochures (on and offline!) and make sure that the Bursar is familiar with the details of Linguascope, TTS, Little Linguist, Beelingua, Costcutters and Language Stickers.

Any suggestions as to what else I might buy??

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