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Lisibo Limited is an independent consultancy offering advice and training on creativity and innovation in 21st century Primary Language Learning.

Between Oct 2011 and July 2013, Lisa also operated as Lisa Stevens Learning in Switzerland, offering English lessons as well as advice and training on using technology to enhance teaching and learning.

Recent projects

  • judge – Young Language Learner Award
  • British Council
  • language consultant for 2Simple
  • language consultant for Sun and Moon
  • working with Rising Stars on updating their KS2 French resource
  • feature writer and content contributer Teach Primary magazine
  • speaker and ‘official’ sketch noter at Language World 2017-19
  • writing Mi Madrid, a 10 part radio series for Afónica for BBC Schools radio aimed at KS2 Spanish learners
  • moderating Languages in Primary Schools FB group
  • Association for Language Learning Council member 2017-27

Coming up in 2022-23

The Language Show – November 2022

ALL Portsmouth Primary Hub – November 2022

TM MFL Icons – December 202

ALL Language World  – March 2023


bSmall publishing – judge of Young Language Learner Award 2022

British Council – short activities for international partnerships

2Simple – language consultant on updated materials for French and Spanish

Sun and Moon – language consultant on grammar animations for BBC website

Rising Stars

Afónica for BBC Schools Radio – Mi Madridwriter of 10 part radio series for KS2 Spanish learners – my account of the project

Pacca Alpaca app – Spanish consultant (ongoing)

b small publishing – comprehension materials to accompany dual language I can read series (ongoing)

TES  – Primary Languages panel

TES – providing weekly Twitter and fortnightly newsletter recommendations for languages (2011-2016)

Rising Stars – updating Eurostars materials for new 2014 curriculum; credited as  educational consultant

The Guardian Teachers Network – materials for International Focus week for Primary schools

Rising Stars – advising on updates to existing materials to fit the new Primary Curriculum (2013);

BBC – Spanish consultant on The Lingo Show, broadcasting on TV from March 2013

BBCarticles for parents on encouraging their child to learn languages

BBC – redesign of Primary languages website (Spanish, French and Mandarin) (2010-2013) – learner content (games, songs, quizzes), teacher materials, vocabulary and grammar notes

BBC – a new online resource for younger learners (2010-2012) The Lingo Show

LIBRA – preparation of programmes for PLL on BBC Learning Zone (2010-2011)

CILT – repurposing the QCA KS2 MFL scheme of work for ITT (Spanish) (2010) delivering training on using technology in language learning

BBC World Class – resources for schools in partnership related to Michael Morpurgo’s book This morning I met a  whale (linked to Copenhagen Earth Summit) (2010)

CILT – IWB resources for KS2 Framework / QCA scheme (2009)

CILT – planning Next steps in ICT for PLL. (2009)

Speaking engagements


ALL Language World 2023 – What we value – past, present and future treasure – The importance of International links – Past present and future – 18th March


Language World 2022 – Language Learning for social justiceUsing ‘literature’ to support primary language learning – 18th March

Spanish Talleres de español  – A few of our favourite things – June 25th

The Language ShowA few of our favourite things – November 11th

ALL Portsmouth Primary HubMaking international links to motivate our young linguists and celebrate their achievements – 24th November

TM MFL Icons –  International links and developing young linguists.– 10th December


Spanish Talleres de españolTake One Book – October 2nd 2021 article in TECLA

TM MFL Icons  – Languages and Literacy should be friends – October 16th

ACAPULCONot another worksheet Miss! – 6th November 2021

Language ShowUsing ‘literature’ in the primary language classroom – 12th-14th November 2021 video

Herts for Learning – A smile in my scheme of work – November 26th

Language World 2021 – A Rich Curriculum for ALL March 12th-13th (online) Take One Book v2link to blog post with presentation and link to materials 


training for BEd students at BCU on Primary Languages – Feb 2020

Language World 2020 – ALL Working Together – March 13th-14th – More than words

ALL PHOrum  11th November online Take One Book 

Language Show 2020  – More than Words 13th-15th November (online)link to blog post and resources   video


Language World 2019 – Speaking up for languages – official sketch noter and speaker – 3.3 “There’s always room for a story that can transport people to another place.” Supporting learners’ understanding and enjoyment of stories in the primary language classroom March 22nd-23rd  Post on ¡Vámonos! including notes and presentation; post including all sketchnotes


Language World 2018 -Flying the flag – official sketch noter and speaker –  Using Technology for collaboration in Primary Languages; Spanish Show and Tell. March 23rd-24th sketch notes  Sketchnotes as a PDF

University of Chichester MFL Conference June 13th  Tell me a story and Technology for Collaboration in the languages classroom

Practical Pedagogies conference, St George’s English International School, Cologne,  1st-2nd November – Tell me a story


Sketchnoting for beginners – South West London Primary Languages Conference – March 17th

Language World 2017 Progress for All – Official sketch noter and speaker – March 24th-26th Blog post including links to presentations to which they refer; Sketchnotes as PDF

Keynote speaker – Using technology to enhance and engage  – North West Primary Language Conference – Lymm, Cheshire – 29th June blog post on conference    

ICT for collaboration and Making links – linking languages with your curriculum East Midlands Primary Language Conference – Nottingham Trent University – December 5th


Building firm foundations for strong buildings – ALL South West conference – Bristol – February 27th

Sketchnoting for beginners – Language World 2016 – Rugby, March 11-12th

Show and Tell moderator and presenter  Talleres de español, Consejería de Educación en el Reino Unido – Instituto Cañada Blanch, London, 18th June

I’m a Primary Language Teacher; help me out here!Babcock 4S MFL Conference – Horsley Park – June 22nd

Sketchnoting for beginners – National eTwinning Conference – NCL, Nottingham – 24-26th June

Sketchnoting for beginners – Practical Pedagogies conference, IST, Toulouse – 3rd-4th November


Teachmeet Takeover BETT January 23rd – Fun and games in language learning

TipTopTips for Primary Language Learning and Making links (cross curricular ideas for PLL) – Modern Languages, Modern Teaching – Newton Abbot College, February 13th

International links – LUPGCE ICT focus day, February 16th,  University of Leicester

Are you a Twit or a Tweep? – #ILILC5 – ICT Links into Languages conference, February 28th-March 1st

Keynote presentation – Cooking on gas (other fuels are available) –  #ILILC5 – ICT Links into Languages conference, February 28th-March 1st

seminar on Twitter in eTwinning  – eTwinning conference – Manchester 27-29th March

TeachMeetWMLanguages – Robin Hood Primary, Birmingham, May 6th

Enhance learning through technology – UnderstandingModernGov conference – London, June 16th

Make it Real and Using technology to enhance language learning Staffordshire Primary Language Conference, Stafford, June 26th

Using Technology in the Primary MFL classroom -Practical Pedagogies conference, IST, Toulouse – 15-16th October


Teachmeet takeover BETT January 24th

Something borrowed something blue and A beginner’s guide to iPad in the primary MFL classroom  – ICT Links into Languages conference – February 7th-9th

Researching Primary Languages (participant) – University of York 14th Feb

Keynote – TipTopTips for Primary Language Learning  and Making links (cross curricular ideas for PLL)  – Stafford Primary Languages Conference 21st March 2014

Keeping in touch and Using the right tool for the job – Teachmeet Education Show 21st March 2014

There’s more to PLL than ‘that donkey’ –  South West London Primary Languages Conference 28th March 2014

Multimedia language learning with iPads – ALL Joined Up Language World, York –  4th-5th April

Sanako TILT conference Solihull – Keynote – June 20th 2014

National eTwinning Conference – Nottingham June 20th-22nd 2014

MFL 3-7  Osiris courses in Manchester, Birmingham and London -June/July 2014


9th-10th February – I want to break free! and Let out for good behaviour –  ICT Links into languages conference, Southampton University

18th February – iPad ‘essentials’ workshop – International School of Winterthur

19th March – Apple Leadership Tour – Bern – training for French speaking Swiss delegates

20th April – Teachmeet International – Using games to aid learning

30th April – iPad training – Take a Unit… – International School of Winterthur

29th May – iPad training – Literacy and language  – International School of Winterthur

7th June – Swiss eTwinning Ambassadors meeting – Bern

3rd October – Teachmeet #DevonMFL – virtual presentation Jugando en español

5th October – MFL Show and Tell, Foxford School, Coventry – A quick guide to Bookcreator app and Year 3 storymaking.

26th November – TeachmeetBrum – Games from apps for the language classroom and Year 3 Storytelling 


13th Jan 2012 – TeachMeet BETT virtual presentation – Be patient

10th Feb 2012 – eTwinning event, Solothurn, Switzerland

24th-26th Feb 2012 – Barça, Barça, Baaaarça! and ‘Appy Language learning – ICT Links into Languages conference, University of Southampton

27th-29th April 2012 – Apple Leadership Series – Geneva, Switzerland

22nd May – – TeachmeetBrum – prerecorded presentation

27th – 29th May 2012 – APD training, Hanover Street, London

29th August 2012 – Vision and Planning with Mobile Devices – APD – TASIS, Ticino, Switzerland

14th September 2012 – iPads in MFL -APD – Harrogate Grammar School MFL department, Harrogate UK

29th September – – TeachMeetInternational online meeting

22nd October – Using what you’ve got on your iPad! – ZIS, Baden Campus

25th October – Apple event in Basel, Switzerland

8th November – TeachMeetiPad Virtual presentation – Explain Everything – explained.

29th November – TeachMeetTwist Virtual presentation – Skitch and 4 year olds

See also ADE /AEM section below!


14th January 2011 Teachmeet Takeover Free doesn’t mean it’s pants! Ideas to keep pupils engaged and involved and coordinator BETT, Kensington Olympia

14th January 2011 Teachmeet BETT – Subtitled, BETT, Kensington Olympia

12th and 13th February – Tell me a story and What can eTwinning do for you? Links into Languages conference, Southampton

4th and 5th March – Independence through ICT in the Primary Language classroom CILT Primary Language Show, Liverpool

14th March – co- organized and spoke at TeachMeetBrum

17th March –Smiley happy people in Primary Language Learning – Education Show

22nd March – Using Youtube in the classroom, Bishop Vesey’s Grammar School for Birmingham LA

28th March – Using Youtube in the classroom, Knox House, Martineau Centre for Birmingham LA

4th April – Sound recording in Primary classroom, Leicester University

18th June Let’s go to the zoo! Teachmeet #uketwin, NCSL

24th June – Using ICT in MFL for collaboration, support and motivation. Northern Grid for Learning conference

29th June – Comenius Reggio conference

8th and 9th July – Entitled to enjoy Primary Language learning – ALL Language World

14th July – “Sorpresas y sonrisas” –  tips and ideas on how to keep everyone engaged and enthused in the primary language classroom, North East Spanish day

1st October 2011 “Experiences from the Primary Language classroom” – Consejería de Educación Talleres españoles para Primaria, Instituto Cañada Blanch, London


Jan 15th 2010 Teachmeet Takeover-Ideas for using tool in language learning BETT, Kensington Olympia

Jan 15th 2010 Teachmeet2010 – What Lisibo did next!Kensington Olympia

March 2nd 2010 ICT in PLL – full day training at Lingua@com for BASS

March 4th – Top Tips for PLL– Education Show

March 6th 2010 – What can eTwinning do for you? and Cross Curricular opportunities in the PL classroom – Vida Latina, Aston University

March 12th-13th 2010 – Audaciously using Voices to make Voki and What can eTwinning do for you? CILT Primary Language Show, Liverpool

March 26th-27th 2010 – Bricklaying for Beginners – ALL Language World, University of York

19th June –  A Day in the Life of Lisa StevensALL East Midlands

25th-26th June – Using Youtube in the classroom and Tips to motivate in Primary language Learning, Inspiration for Motivation (Linguascope) Brighton

10th July Things that make my pupils smile. MFLSAT, Nottingham High School

12th July  – Online tools for the language classroom, Links into Language conference, Aston University

5th October – AQA Primary Languages Course – London

12th October – AQA Primary Languages Course -Manchester

18th October – AQA Primary Languages Course – Birmingham

19th October – AQA Primary Languages Course – York

25th October – Teachmeet #etwpdw


Sept 5th 2009 – Digital media and social networking Show and tell facilitator – eTwinning Conference, Varna, Bulgaria

Oct 1st 2009 – Keynote address –Inspiring Creative Teaching in the PMFL classroom – and seminar  Don’t get mad, get crosscurricular – Hull Primary MFL conference

Oct 15th 2009 – Using ICT in languages – Hampshire Languages Conference

Oct 31st 2009 – Surviving the Primary Language Classroom– London Language Show, Kensington Olympia

Apple Distinguished Educator / Apple Professional Development work

29th May – iPad training – Literacy and language  – International School of Winterthur

30th April – iPad training – Take a Unit… – International School of Winterthur

19th March 2013 – Apple Leadership Tour – Bern – training for French speaking Swiss delegates

18th February 2013- iPad training – International School of Winterthur

25th October 2012- Apple event in Basel, Switzerland

22nd October  2012- iPad training – ZIS, Baden Campus

14th September 2012 – iPads in MFL -APD – Harrogate Grammar School MFL department, Harrogate UK

29th August 2012 – Vision and Planning with Mobile Devices – APD – TASIS, Ticino, Switzerland

27th – 29th May 2012 – APD training, Hanover Street, London

27th-29th April 2012 – Apple Leadership Series – Geneva, Switzerland

27th-28th June 2011- Apple iPad training – Belfast

May 6th-8th – ADE2011 Institute, London

March 21st 2011 iLearning conference – iPod and iPad apps for MFL

February 24th 2011 ADE selection board meeting

January 4th 2011 Sunderland Joint Learning day

November 15th  2010 ADE Board meeting

October 15th-17th 2010 Colchester ATI, Colchester RTC

September 7th 2010 Malvern College – Podcasting

June 16th-18th 2010 Enfield ATI, Enfield CLC

April 12th-15th 2010 Apple Teacher Institute, Cheltenham College

Jan 11th-14th 2010 Apple Education Leadership Series, Cumberland Hotel, London

Published articles

By me

Francophonie  Autumn 2009 Primary Practice – Voicethread

CILT Primary eZineAutumn 2009 – Going global – using PLL to make links (link)

CILT Primary eZine Autumn 2009 – Getting on track – digital sound recording (link)

Enhancing learning in the MFL classroom (Dec 2009) – originally guest post on Box of Tricks; later published in an ebook entitled Technology in Modern Foreign Languages – A practitioner’s perspective

Languages Today Spring 2011 Star letter re EDL at Whitehouse Common

Languages Today Summer 2011 Review – TTS Spanish calendar

Times Educational Supplement magazine  23rd September 2011 – Gimme gimme Cine-minis (review)

Times Educational Supplement magazine  4th November 2011 – Now you’re talking

(also in Times Educational Supplement Scotland magazine25th November 2011 as Tuned up for conversation)

Horizons magazine January 2013 (link)

Languages Today  Autumn 2013  Review – Learn and Teach Spanish 1

Languages Today Summer 2014  Review – Little Languages 

TESConnect – Modern Foreign Languages blog 03/06/14  The new primary languages curriculum: Change you’ll recognise

TESConnect – Modern Foreign Languages blog 03/06/14 Why paper dictionaries are still important for language learning 

Primary Teacher Update June 2014 p36-38 Teaching by the book unleashes creativity

UKEdMag: Top Ten tips for Primary Language Learning by @lisibo 28th July 2015 online and in printed copy

UKEdMag Teaching and Brexit by @lisibo 26th June 2016 online and in printed copy

Languages Today Summer 2015  Review – ALL Connect KS2/3 resources

Languages Today Autumn 2015  Review – KS3 ALL Connect resources 

Languages Today Autumn 2018  My Best 10 Activities for Listening 

Teach Primary magazine – March 2019 – KS2 MFL Lesson Plan – Using games to learn colours in Spanish

Teach Primary magazine- June 2019 – KS2 MFL Lesson Plan – Link Language to Music with Saint Saens

Teach Primary magazine – September 2019 – Supporting learners’ understanding and enjoyment of stories in the Primary Languages classroom – article in MFL Special

Teach Primary magazine – January 2020 – Using a game to teach prepositions in Spanish – KS2 MFL lesson plan

Languages Today review – Autumn/Spring 2021 – Review – Bravo – music based Spanish learning

Languages Today review – Spring/Summer 2021 – Review – 50 Spanish phrases

About me / contributed to :

Languages Today Autumn 2009 – A Day in the life – Lisa Stevens (by Anna Scrivenger)

Languages Today Spring 2009 – My best (10) blogs (Joe Dale)

TES Magazine – 09/04/10 Flash forward ( Yojana Sharma and Joe Dale)

Teach Primary Vol4.2 p73 (Gill Budgell)

Purple Press (2Simple)

Languages magazine – August 2010  Weaving Culture into the Web‘ – p29

Be Inspired – Autumn 2010 On the web

Top 25 world languages blog – October 2010 – #1 blog

Booruch 15th November 2010 Booruch #112 Edonis interview with Lisa Stevens

TES Connect 11th February 2011 – All in it together (Sara Parker)

TES Connect 25th March 2011 – ICT_ Those who can, tweet (Sara Parker)

TESS 12th August 2011 – ICT_ Those who can, tweet (Sara Parker)

Guardian Teacher Network 15th May 2013  – Primary teachers’ best tips for language lessons   (Emma Drury)

Guardian Teacher Network 18th May 2013  – Beginners’ guide to using technology in language lessons  (Emma Drury)

Birmingham Mail 13th August 2015 – Revealed – The Midlands Twitter users with the biggest UK influence. 

Languages Today Summer 2018  Review – Mi Madrid (written by me!) plus mention of sketchnotes at Language World






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