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Having missed a few tasks, I’m really pleased that the Whitehouse Common Primary have contributed to this month’s task for Voices of the World.

The May task is the last one for this academic year and is based around saying Goodbye.

Firstly, we recorded a goodbye greeting in Spanish using Voki– AC_Voki_Embed(300,400, ‘6378d6a5e17b42acb60fc7bd78074a50’, 471963, 1, ”, 0);

Get a Voki now!

Then we went around the school taking snapshots to show the other participants what our school is like. We uploaded them to Photostory3 to make a slideshow.

Finally, 4AT listened to and watched all the Voki produced by the other participants and, using the microphone on my laptop (still having issues with microphones at school), recorded the various greetings. And what a great job they did!

Once we’d added a funky soundtrack, the presentation was completed and uploaded to Teachertube for all to see!

Here it is – hope you enjoy it!

I spent this afternoon at the aptly named Beaumanor Hall near Loughborough in the company of teachers of pupils with special needs, drawn from both special and mainstream schools. I had been asked by the British Council to present a case study on eTwinning as part of the afternoon’s proceeding led by Lorna Belsey and Tom Birtwistle, and I was happy to do so.

After a delicious lunch – my healthy first course of mackerel and salad was followed by not-so-healthy bread and butter pudding – although the bread seemed to be brown so that must be good??- we adjourned to the ICT suite where Lorna explained Comenius and the ISA awards. Then it was by go to present a case study about last year’s project at WCPS – Somos lo que celebramos – and to share some ideas of how eTwinning might work for them, and some ideas of tools that could be used.

You can access the presentation and some of the documents in a previous post, but here are some links that I mentioned that you might wish to investigate.

British Council website
eTwinning home page
eTwinning portal

Whitehouse Common Primary School website
Colegio Público César Hurtado Delicado website (etwinning section)


Voices of the World wiki of previous months’ activities
Euro 08 project

David S Stewart’s interview about Special Schools and eTwinning
Nick Falk and Anne Jakins’ presentation about eTwinning at Sackville School (with SEN pupils)

Wishing you all happy eTwinning! :o)

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