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Europe Day 08

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I’ve just received notification from Ruth Churchill at CILT of some FREE resources available. Never one to look a gift horse …, I immediately investigated!

Apparently May 9th is Europe Day (I’m afraid this was the first I’d heard of it!) and the European Commission has produced a booklet to promote the day as well as provide information promoting the EU.

Here’s the e-mail:

Representation of the European Commission in the United Kingdom – Passport to the European Union
What do we know about the member states of the European Union? Whereabouts is the statue with more clothes than one would find in any woman’s wardrobe. Did they really use eggs to built a bridge in Prague? Could there still be an island where no female either human or animal is allowed? This and a lot more information on the 27 member countries of the European Union e.g. their size and population, famous citizens etc. is answered in our little booklet “Passport to the European Union” which also includes stickers of coins, flags, buildings and even a map. Children can find places for the stickers in the passport and on the map.

In order to support Europe Day (9 May) activities for young people, the Representation of the European Commission in the United Kingdom is making 100,000 copies of the Passport to the European Union available to UK schools and similar organisations completely free of charge.

You can view the booklet online and then decide if you want to order up to 100 copies per school either from your Europe Direct centre or by filling in a form online. I’m planning on using them for SODA (start of the day activity) and also for incidental work. If every class focussed on a different country, we could share notes in assembly later in the week. Kids love finding things out and with stickers and things too, it’s sure to be a hit (they’ll prefer it to handwriting too!)

So don’t hang around- there are now 100 less copies as my order’s already in!

Here’s a montage of posters used in previous years to promote the day – perhaps it’ll inspire you!

To find out what’s going on in the UK, have a look at the events diary – I like the look of the Giant European Union Pub Quiz in Wrexham! And there’s also a whole page of ideas for how your school might be able to celebrate.

Following on from my previous post, here’s the ‘end’ of the story of the Fall exchange of Hands across the World.

Having sent off around 500 handprints to Michelle Mock in USA, we had hoped to receive our return prints before Christmas. Unfortunately, post at Christmas is a fickle thing and whilst we did receive four envelopes, there were still 11 outstanding by the time we broke up.

Fortunately, when we returned from our Christmas break, the other envelopes had arrived.
Unfortunately, the envelopes were mislaid for a time.
Fortunately they were found and this week, after sharing some with the school in assembly, each class was presented with their envelope of prints to explore.

We had lots of prints from America, but also from Canada, India, Lithuania, Ireland, Austria, Scotland, Wales, Switzerland and , much to the bemusement of the pupils, from Birmingham. We even had half a dozen that had made the trip to America and come back to us!

I took photos of some of the hands and below is a slideshow showing the wide range of festivals and celebrations depicted on the prints.

If you would like to find out more, visit the Imagiverse site – there is a Spring exchange about to start with the theme Hands around the BLUE MARBLE.

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