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TeachMeetBrum – Memrise.com

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As I now live in Switzerland I can’t be at TeachMeet Brum tonight. To assuage my disappointment, I thought I might appear virtually and therefore prepared a little video presentation on Memrise.com, a really great site that I’m using to learn some German, revise the Catalan I learned at university and to play around in Spanish, a language that I speak and teach. It’s not just for learning languages though – you can learn about animals, famous people, general knowledge and, as I show in the video, apples! So, in a nutshell, helps you memorise things! You can add your own lists of words so you can customise it to the needs of your classroom for example and you can access other people’s lists too (could save lots of time!)

I did forget to mention that there is an iPod app being developed – I’m currently one of the people beta testing it as they look to improve it. They are planning an Android app too.


[vimeo 42614325 w=500 h=313]

2 thoughts on “TeachMeetBrum – Memrise.com”

  1. Alice says:

    This is so great Lisa! Thank you for sharing this tool. I am also learning German at the moment and have become addicted to it! I also play the “who painted that?” for fun. I can’t wait to try this with my students when I go back to teaching!

  2. Lisibo says:

    Thanks Alice.
    My boys are addicted too – the youngest has decided to try learning Spanish just because, and the eldest is trying his hand at Mandarin!
    Lisa xx

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