March 6, 2011 – ¡Vámonos!

Day: March 6, 2011

Little Bird Tales


Gracias a @rubiales62 for sharing this wonderful storytelling site on Twitter.

Little Bird Tales is a storytelling site which allows you to write, illustrate and narrate stories and then save them to a public gallery or embed them on your own site. Your illustrations can be uploaded from file (so it’s possible to use photos or pictures made elsewhere) or you can use the on site paint box to draw your own. I’ve written a quick example below in which I imported a picture from my iPhoto library and then drawn on top. I found another Spanish story, and a French one,  in the Public Gallery too.
I like the way you can record a voiceover within the site -this adds an extra dimension to it as a storymaking site.

Good news – accents work well in the storybook.
Bad news – for some reason they don’t work on the title page!

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