October 29, 2010 – ¡Vámonos!

Day: October 29, 2010

Plumíferos (pt2)

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According to wikipedia, Plumíferos “is a 2010 Argentine computer-animated film made by Manos Digitales Animation Studio using Open Source software for all 3D models, animation, lighting and render process, under Linux operating system.”

It’s taken years to get to the screens with parts shown as early as 2005.

Some further bits to share-

great song!


And very interesting to see the voice actors in this film.


Doesn’t seem to be available on Amazon or iTunes yet though…. 🙁


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Thanks to @stevebunce for his Tweet that alerted me to this.

Looks a great film. My boys are definitely interested.

I like this version of the trailer as it has the Spanish sound but also English subtitles.


But it also exists without the subtitles.


And I quite like the English version which is completely different.


And the best bit…..

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