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Today I presented twice at the Birmingham Primary Language Conference at Highbury Hall in Moseley.

My presentation, entitled Creative ICT in the PLL classroom, is below and, as soon as I have a spare moment, I’ll add the audio of my presentation as well.
Hampered by an internet connection that was, at best, flaky, I hope that I managed to explain even if I couldn’t show the sites and tools I recommended.

Please feel free to ask questions in the comments or using the contact form!

Creative ict

View more presentations from Lisa Stevens.
Also, here are a couple of ‘how to’ guides for Voki and wikispaces. Plus a list of examples of using some of these tools in teaching and learning.
(please note that these have my old blog URL on them.  You will be redirected here if you go there by accident though!)


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In my classroom, it’s ok to make mistakes. I encourage them – and I make enough of them to lead by example! I liked this poster.
4 October

And this one!
thought for the week (3)

ALL Together

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I received this message today from Linda Parker, Director of ALL (Association for Language Learning)

ALL together – let’s speak out about languages!

20-26 September 2010

The Association for Language Learning  would like to know about the issues which particularly concern you about the teaching and learning of languages and suggestions of things that should be done to tackle these.

At a time of change in the UK Government, ongoing political pressure from European sources, and internal pressures within our education system, it is relevant that ALL, the UK’s major association for language teachers, consult you, its members, about the matters that are most of concern and in need of attention.

Next week, beginning on Monday 20 September, ALL is asking members and language teachers everywhere to meet up anywhere, anytime – in the staff room, in your department, at home or in the pub – to think about ways in which language teaching and learning could be improved and promoted. And if you can’t find time to meet with others,  don’t let that stop you sending us your own views.

If the Government is serious about the Big Society, then we think it should be ready to hear what teachers have to say!

The consultation week will culminate on Saturday 25th September at the Annual General Meeting of the Association (Goethe Institut, London 10.30 – 12.30, see for further details) where we will pull together the ideas that you’ve sent to us during the week and where we hope members within reach of London will join us to take the discussion further.

Here are a few ideas about the kinds of things you might like to talk about
Within the context of your own work and locality:
1. What is the achievement you would most like the media / public / decision-makers to know about?
2. What is your response to media statements such as “language teaching puts most people off learning a language” or “Languages considered least important subjects for children to learn at school” ?
3 What are the issues that worry you most?

4. How can we ensure that decision makers in education value language learning?

We’ll be adding more ideas to our website over the next week – see

We’d like to hear from you in the week beginning Monday 20 September – every day we’ll update the website with views as they come in. There are a number of ways you can send us your thoughts:

We’ll make a final public statement, bringing together all your views, on the European Day of Languages, to be celebrated this year on Monday 27 September.

Let’s work together to make the voice of language teachers heard!

So, here I am passing the message on!

I’ll be tweeting no doubt!

Isaac learns German

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I take my job as a parent very seriously and when I heard that Isaac would be learning German, I decided to prepare him adequately.

Firstly, we looked at the importance of language learning.


Then we looked at some numbers.


Tonight we’ll be working on some instructions.


When I said i take my job as a Mum seriously, that doesn’t mean I’m always serious! ;o)

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