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Games and activities for Primary Foreign languages.

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Via my Google Reader, I was led to the following book published on Scribd.

Over 300 pages of games and activities for use in the PLL classroom.  What’s more, there are all mapped to the KS2 Framework objectives and helpfully split into sections for specific vocabulary areas, counting, literacy and language learning.  Plus there are sections of vocabulary in Spanish French and German to support those who are less fluent.

Looks a brilliant resource to enhance the learning of languages at primary – and I’m sure there are a few secondary pupils who wouldn’t mind a nostalgic game of Duck duck goose once in a while?
Games and Activities for Primary Foreign Languages

PS I am checking re copyright as the author is not the one who uploaded it!

2 thoughts on “Games and activities for Primary Foreign languages.”

  1. jan lewandowski says:

    Hi Lisa
    I have this book- on the inside cover the the rights are clearly stated: no part may be…transmitted….by any means….electronic, mechanical etc.
    Pearson are big, don’t think I would want to mess with them!

  2. lisibo says:

    That’s exactly what I posted as a comment to the person who posted it on Scribd. I asked if they were related to Pearson or the author and therefore had their permission. The reply was ‘I found it useful so I posted it. Does anyone post original stuff on Scribd anyway?’
    I feel another post coming on…..

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