September 16, 2009 – ¡Vámonos!

Day: September 16, 2009

Teachers TV


Last June I spent a very enjoyable but also very tiring day being filmed by Teachers TV. The premise of the series of which my programme was to be a part was that an ‘expert’ in an area of ICT was visited by an interested / curious ‘beginner’. The ‘beginner’ observed the ‘expert’ for a day then went back to their school to try out some of the things they had learned. My area was ‘online communities / social media’ and my visitor, Marie Guyomarc’h, a secondary French teacher.

Yesterday saw the premiere of the programme – I came downstairs at 8am to discover my children laughing their heads off as they watched. Thankfully, not all viewers were as amused and I received some lovely tweets from people who had seen the programme either online or on TV.
If you want to watch, you can access the video here where you can also find lesson plans and further tips on the area.
So, watch and see – will you join my boys laughing at me or will you find it even a little bit helpful?

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