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Using puppets and audio to encourage speaking – Update.

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Following on from my post on Thursday about Teachmeet ASN-SEN, I have now extracted the audio from my very brief presentation using Audacity and Soundflower, levelled it with the Levelator, edited it to remove the numerous ‘ums’ and published as episode 5 of my podcast – )Lisibo talks!
Feeling very proud of myself (and I can now recognise the wave pattern of an ‘um’!

Make sure you catch the replay of the whole meeting though as it is well worth listening to the other presenters who were brilliant! See for yourself below – and watch here.

1 thought on “Using puppets and audio to encourage speaking – Update.”

  1. Marcela Summerville says:

    Hi Lisa,I love the whole idea of using technology with puppets. I teach using storytelling, and I found using masks or puppets was very encouraging for my immersion Spanish class. But, the students haven’t been very good when using a microphone or just recording their voices, I never thought about puppets or mask! Thanks for this wonderful idea and all the great work you do for Early Language!Marcela Summerville

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