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Coffee Break Scottish

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From the home of Coffee Break Spanish, School Run French, One Minute Languages and Showtime Spanish comes a brand new, one off podcast mini series in aid of Comic Relief.

Urged to ‘do something funny’ this year, Mark and the Radio Lingua team have responded to frequent comments about their Scottish accents by producing a three part series entitled CoffeeBreak Scottish in which they teach us some basic Scottish phrases. It is a tongue in cheek look at how people speak in Scotland, not a course in Gaelic and as Mark says..

‘Please be aware that Coffee Break Scottish is provided as a light-hearted introduction to some contemporary Scottish expressions used in certain parts of the country, predominantly in the west. The course does not provide an in-depth study of the Scots language. It is not intended in any way to offend. Remember, we’re Scottish so we are laughing at ourselves! All materials are suitable for a family audience. Above all Coffee Break Scottish intended to give you a linguistic laugh and hopefully make some money for charity!’

So, if you want to know what ‘ah havnae a scooby’ or ‘it’s baltic oot there’ mean, why not pop along to where, for £3, all of which goes to Comic Relief, you can downlaod the three episodes covering basic greetings and useful words, eating out, and making arrangements.

And, as a special treat, Radio Lingua are offering a voucher for 25% off any future purchase of a language course from RLN. So, if you enjoy CoffeeBreak Scottish, you might like to explore the catalogue of equally excellent but less tongue-in-cheek podcasts they produce.

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