February 15, 2009 – ¡Vámonos!

Day: February 15, 2009

What is safety? Here is the list we compiled in a workshop on the subject of eSafety in virtual spaces.

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Much of the material we considered n the early part of the session came from the following site -: http://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/

Here’s the link to a videoclip linked to people not always being quite what they seem online – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vp5nScG6C5g

We had a discussion based around the theme – where do you draw the line? Do we mind people taking our photos? Does it matter on the context? What about children? Is this different? Should it be the matter of course that we seek written permission for use of children’s images? Does this extend to their work or just their photos?

Then we were asked to come up with a scenario that could be used to provoke debate on eSafety.

Our scenario – a 10 year old child with a Facebook profile. The child has given herself a false DOB to register but then revealed the truth on her profile that she is 10 and single. The profile was open to people who weren’t friends as she was member of a network. What issues does this raise?

Another scenario – some pupils in a class don’t like a teacher and provoke them – the pupils video the teacher arguing with them in the heat of the moment and publish it online. It is devastating for the teacher and they hung themself.

And a further scenario – pupils make a video on their mobiles of children wrestling and publish it. A few weeks later, the police arrive with a complaint from a parent who feels the school is a violent place.

Very interesting – what do you think? Any ideas of your own on this subject? You might gain further insight by listening to Edtechroundup (ETRU) Podcast 4!

Here are a couple of movies of ideas from the first running of the Creativity in eTwinning workshop this morning.

The first shows some of the ideas raised about creativity and what it feels like to be creative.

The second are the reflections of the Sunglasses group on what they consider to be the ideal conditions for creativity to happen.

A really interesting seminar with lots of discussion about creativity and innovation.

Key ideas included the need for freedom, for space and for the acceptance of diversity; the need to spark ideas in one another, to accept that there are no right and wrong ideas and that the best conditions for creativity can be different for each person. Here are a number of photos taken of the ideas sparked by the session. Perhaps you’d like to add your own comments.

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eTwinning conference Prague 2009, originally uploaded by lisibo.

I’ve been blogging all weekend from the European eTwinning Conference in Prague on the special blog set up for the event. I’ve also been tweeting our activities when I’ve had a chance.

Thought I’d put some of the posts on ¡Vámonos! as well! If you’re interested, there are many more posts by other delegates found on http://blog.eun.org/etwinningconference2009/

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