October 9, 2008 – ¡Vámonos!

Day: October 9, 2008


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Soooo excited! Tomorrow I’m off to Spain with Mr S (and without the little Master Ss!)

Three nights in Barcelona – definitely not long enough but I’m grateful for any time spent in Spain. And Barcelona – wow! I’ve studied the history of the city at University, learned the language and read books (fact and fiction) about its streets. So can’t wait to be let loose to explore properly – last time I was on an organised trip and had a measly 2 hours to ourselves! Mr S will just have to follow me around and as long as he is allowed to partake of coffee, beer and tapas at regular intervals, he’ll be fine!

Hope to take lots of pictures of my own, but here are a few by other people to set the scene.

And a brilliant 3D movie of how the Sagrada Familia might / will look when it’s finally finished – in 2020!!

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