June 23, 2008 – ¡Vámonos!

Day: June 23, 2008

I was really excited to read a blog post on Talkabout Primary MFL entitled Theatre in Spanish for Primary children. Clare Secombe, who (amongst other things) is webmistress of the Sunderland MFL site, reported that there is a group called A Cuerpo based in Leicester who offer performances, workshops and resources in Spanish for children aged 6-11.

As Clare rightly points out, Spanish is often the poor cousin of French when it comes to such things so it’s great to hear the news. And looking at the A Cuerpo site, I’m even more excited! Here are a couple of extracts about the play they are currently touring – El Viaje de Matilde– check it out for yourself though.

A Cuerpo: Matilde's Journey

A Cuerpo is thrilled to present El viaje de Matilde (Matilde’s Journey). El viaje de Matilde is a newly devised theatre performance in Spanish with an original script for children aged six to eleven, which offers the unique opportunity to learn Spanish whilst having fun.

El viaje de Matilde is an innovative theatre performance that uses an interaction of film with live theatre, as well as puppetry and music


A Cuerpo: Matilde's Journey

The main character is a cheeky eight year-old Spanish girl called Matilde (a real size body puppet).

Matilde leads a normal life, she lives in a small town in Spain with her family, goes to school and has friends…but she is not completely happy, as she dreams of travelling to the jungle and having lots of adventures.

Luckily Matilde’s dad is an inventor and he is working on an instant travelling machine…

Well, Matilde can’t help herself and decides to build the machine herself…

As you can imagine things aren’t as easy as they look and Matilde gets into one or two tight spots…

They provide pre and post performance materials as well as the opportunity to ask questions of the actors; they also offer workshops. WOW!

I’m off to contact them now to find out when they can visit, especially as we’re supposed to be having a Language Focus Week next academic year!

ETR Weekly 1

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I’ve mentioned EdTechRoundup on ¡Vámonos! before and have to say that I continue to be enlightened each Sunday night (when singing permits) by the chat about all things technological (and not so technological!) at the weekly Flashmeeting.

Therefore, I’m pleased to say that we’ve decided to share the conversations with others who cant attend or access the replay of the meeting, and today we’ve published the first of ‘ETR Weekly’ podcast in which we talk about starting out in the edublogosphere. You can listen to the podcast and see the show notes on the ETR blog – http://edtechroundup.com

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